Private Reasoning Engine for Sensitive Information

Awarity is revolutionizing the way financial institutions like private equity firms, private family offices, and venture capitalists conduct due diligence. By leveraging a private reasoning engine, Awarity enables these organizations to analyze a blend of confidential documents and publicly available sources without the risk of data leakage to external systems.

Meeting at the Intersection of Private and Public Data

Harnessing Private Intelligence

Tap into private data sources to gain valuable insights

Unleash the Power

of public and private information

Uncover Hidden Public Gems

Discover valuable opportunities with in-depth analysis

Key Features

Leveraging private data
Compare without data leakage
A solution for PE, family offices, VC
Reasoning over private documents

Use Cases


Private Equity

Streamline due diligence efforts


Private Family Offices

Ensure confidential information remains private


Venture Capital

Enhance decision-making process with private reasoning